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Product Analysis

Product Matching:

R&D is often presented with the challenge of matching a given product concept, prototype, or existing product.

AA&T applies the strength of its sensory testing and descriptive profiling expertise and techniques to efficiently develop “product match” successes by:

  • Establishing a flavor profile of the product being matched—“Control Fingerprint”
  • Monitoring approximation to that control during development

AA&T also develops and utilizes a descriptive profiling scorecard to monitor and evaluate product during production for:

  • Consistency of existing product quality
  • Consistency of product among manufacturing facilities
  • Similarity of product during transition of manufacture to a new facility

When appropriate, AA&T will train an “in house panel” to monitor product consistency.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves timeline for successful R&D development

  • Reduces development costs

  • Successful product “matches”

  • Reduces product costs while maintaining product characteristics and quality

  • Increases business opportunities by matching competitor’s product

  • Increases customer satisfaction from consistent quality