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Product Analysis

Sensory Evaluation Testing/Panel Training:

The role of sensory evaluation testing is to support the development of new and redesigned products and to optimize value for cost in the determination of consumer acceptance. During product development, AA&T can conduct valid and reliable sensory tests that provide data for making sound decisions regarding:

  • Matching a prototype or “control” target
  • Product acceptability
  • Product change
  • Shelf life determination.

AA&T applies sensory evaluation in the areas of product development, quality assurance, manufacturing/quality control, and research testing in the form of:

  • Descriptive testing-flavor and texture
  • Discrimination or difference testing
  • Acceptance or preference testing

AA&T also has the expertise to develop and conduct sensory panel training programs.

Key Benefits:

  • Sound decisions, based on reliable data, can be made during product development

  • Strengthens chance for product success

  • Cost savings over lengthy Market Research testing

  • Increases customer satisfaction--production monitored for consistent product quality

  • Descriptive “fingerprint” benchmark established for matching products and developing finished product standards

  • Customizes methodology for monitoring storage stability and predicting shelf life

  • Minimizes production rework—off flavored ingredients are screened out