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Organizational Analysis & Development

Strategy and Project Management to Reach Business Goals:

A business strategy may be thought of as the organization and management of a plan to reach business goals. While it is important that top management develop a corporate strategy, that strategic plan must also be sustained throughout the company’s individual projects.

AA&T has the experience to work with key management to:

  • Evaluate and form appropriate project strategies congruent with corporate goals and strategies
  • Translate the strategy into its critical issues
  • Reduce issues into a concrete set of working actions to reach project goals (i.e. gain market share)

AA&T will organize and manage project teams, when required to ensure timely implementation of projects and maintain focus on the corporate goals.

  • Organize and Manage project teams—work through others to accomplish objectives of the project
  • Manage the project work, human resources, communication, quality, time, and costs

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures timely implementation of projects that are aligned with corporate goals

  • Enhances market position to allow for sustainable competitive edge

  • Develops congruent thinking; all functions work towards the same corporate goal

  • Strategy becomes guide to day to day decision making for all aspects of the business action

  • Links strategy to operational plans and budgets

  • Establishes monitoring programs to track strategy plans to accomplish objectives of the project