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Product Development

Product Testing, Documentation, and Process Implementation:

Once a product “recipe” is developed, additional support/documentation is required to ensure a successful introduction and market existence.

AA&T supports product acceptance with sensory, focus group and consumer testing.

AA&T develops and provides cost analysis, ingredient sourcing, process manufacturing guidelines, ingredient and manufacturing specifications, etc. as it implements products.

AA&T involves manufacturing at the earliest stage of product development to ensure R&D technology is congruent with implementing the product into the production process.

AA&T includes support of the testing, documentation, and manufacturing activities through team leadership and involvement.

Key Benefits:

  • Successful product implementation

  • Product cost targets are met

  • Increases consumer product acceptance

  • Data available to support critical management decisions

  • Establishes specifications for ingredients, finished products, and specific customers

  • Improves manufacturing efficiency:

    Production parameters are determined
    Process operating guidelines are developed
    Process capability guidelines established