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Product Development

Product Maintenance--Optimization of Existing Products and Ingredients:

Sales and profit growth is not only generated from the obvious task of new product development, but also comes from the life extension and optimization of existing products and product lines.

AA&T works with the client to determine the need for product reformulation or product consolidation based on market performance, consumer comments, and market trends.

AA&T reformulates existing products for product improvements and cost reductions with positive consumer preference. In cases of cost reduction, where no differences are desired, AA&T reformulates without significant product changes as supported by sensory evaluation.

Key Benefits:

  • Extends life cycle of existing lines through:
  • o Product rejuvenation
    o Improved profit margins

  • Increases sales and profit margins resulting from:

    o Ingredient cost savings
    o Consistent product acceptance
    o Improved customer satisfaction.

  • Improves customer/consumer product awareness and product acceptance