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Product Development

New Product Development:

AA&T has extensive background in human and pet food product development and commercialization. With that expertise AA&T offers an efficient and speedy development process along with full support for the implementation of these new products.

AA&T provides:

  • Timely development of prototypes and products including Wellness and fortified foods for human and pet food markets.

  • Application of flavors and ingredients to optimize texture, mask nutraceutical ingredient off flavors, and yield products with overall great flavor and acceptability.

  • Team development and project management to compliment project implementation.

  • Improved communication to ensure all factors of the process are linked into the final timeline.

  • Incorporation of quality and production parameters into the product

  • Application of sensory evaluation to support product development process

  • Documentation to support :

    cost analysis
    regulatory/nutritional compliance
    ingredient procurement
    packaging design
    specification requirements
    production process implementation

Key Benefits:

  • Expand market awareness through introduction of new and improved products

  • Increase market share, sales and profits

  • Timely product development to meet marketing windows of opportunity

  • Efficient development of new product support information

  • Ensure quality throughout production