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Product Marketing:

In conjunction with product development, AA&T markets products and services in industrial, government, and consumer driven markets. For example AA&T reviews the client's marketing and corporate goals, policies, and philosophy and provides the following services/tasks as required:

  • Review marketing research information, including qualitative and quantitative.
  • Identify market(s) for new/existing products.
  • Perform product cost analysis to optimize profit margin and product positioning.
  • Perform competitive analysis to include pricing and product features.
  • Perform analysis of product characteristics
  • Review channels of distribution and volume in each channel in comparison with the aggregate market category and competition.
  • Analyze/ Optimize channels of distribution, including the Web-site.
  • Resolve channel conflict, if any.
  • Develop long and short-term dynamic marketing plan/models (including strategies) congruent with corporate goals, policies, and philosophy. 
  • Generate demand through brand development, PR, corporate image and identity, etc.
  • Develop sales, promotion, collateral, and PR materials.
  • Review and develop sales training materials for internal and external sales forces.
  • Establish an ability to respond quickly to market and client/consumer demands.

Key Benefits:

  • Product success

  • Satisfactory return on investment

  • One stop product development and marketing

  • Improves sales and marketing communication