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Packaging Design and Development:

Whether developing a new product, a “me too” product, or rejuvenating an existing product, the product’s package and design must make an awareness statement in the market segment. The package design must also protect and display the product.

AA&T evaluates packaging criteria utilizing engineering studies, focus groups, etc. to determine package appeal, size, and functionality.

AA&T also tests the selected package to verify that the new product design stands out above the competition.

  • Initial review of packaging concept, market, technology, and regulatory requirements
  • Review package engineering design for product protection
  • Optimize packaging size and packages per case per pallet
  • Design and develop prototype packages
  • Perform qualitative analysis (focus group) and review results
  • Recommend new package design and/or packaging modifications
  • Develop packaging art work
  • Print packages

Key Benefits:

  • Increases market/consumer awareness from new, outstanding packaging design

  • Significantly increases revenue as a result of improved awareness and purchase

  • New life given to an existing product’s sales through a new, preferred, package redesign

  • Less expensive to extend an existing product’s life cycle than to introduce a new product into the market

  • Improves package and protects product integrity