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Marketing Research:

AA&T provides qualitative (focus groups), quantitative, and secondary information for product concept, product development, and packaging studies. This information includes product category, potential channels of distribution, and competitive analysis for:

  • Product Concept Testing
  • "Me too" Products Testing
  • Improved Products Testing
  • Category Extension Product Testing
  • New and "Never Before" Product Testing
  • Packaging development testing

Key Benefits:

  • One stop product development and marketing research

  • Information available regarding customer/consumer needs and wants

  • Potential market opportunities/positioning opportunities and strategies uncovered

  • Reduces risk in marketing decision making

  • Increases competitive advantage from identification of competitive strengths and weaknesses, along with pricing and margin information

  • Information available for developing the product and package along with its promotion and advertising support

  • Information available during aggregate planning to achieve strategy development and corporate growth

  • Aggregate category market status