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Quality Assurance/HACCP:

A systematic quality control program is essential for any manufacturing organization. AA&T is committed to developing quality parameters into the product and process.

AA&T augments quality policies to:

  • Meet legal requirements
  • Support the QA programs already established
  • Develop new quality programs where beneficial
  • Improve consistency of product quality

AA&T develops and documents specifications for:

  • Ingredients
  • Production (standard operating procedures)
  • Customer specific requirements.

AA&T establishes sensory testing methodology and training for evaluating ingredients as well as finished product at the production level. AA&T provides the expertise to develop an appropriate HACCP plan.

Key Benefits:

  • Develops effective HACCP programs

  • Product meets established quality and safety specifications

  • Increases sales and customer satisfaction

  • Establishes product consistency and minimizes consumer complaints

  • Legal requirements are satisfied for audit programs

  • Faster and easier to make it right the first time than to fix it