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Production Feasibility Demonstration:

Successful products must be effectively and efficiently produced. AA&T understands the roles of R&D, production, and QA, and considers these roles during product development to ensure product will function properly during manufacture.

During new product development, AA&T determines the manufacturing and quality parameters/requirements and incorporates them into the product design.

Subsequently, AA&T conducts a production feasibility demonstration (batch tests at the production facility) to evaluate flavor and functionality.

AA&T also evaluates the manufacturing capabilities for ingredient delivery, volume or weight control, line staffing, and process equipment needs, etc., and helps design the requirements for new equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Significant savings in start up costs:

    Minimizes new equipment requirements due to “compatible” product design
    Product modifications are made using minimal test batches
    Establishes quality parameters

  • Identifies critical manufacture issues for start up

  • Production delivers the intended product

  • Quality is built into the product and production process

  • Ensures quality by production not inspection