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Engineering & Technology Support

Probability and Statistics:

In the business world decisions are made under certainty, uncertainty, or risk. The decision-maker has the easiest time making decisions under certainty.

AA&T helps eliminate the decision making under uncertainty by developing means to empower the decision-maker to make decisions with high degree of confidence.

AA&T range of services starts from simple statistics to more elaborate probability and stochastic analysis and modeling.

The AA&T developed models can also be linked to existing forecasting and econometric models developed by government and private organizations.

Key Benefits:

Production and Q/A:

  • Establishes and monitors window of customer acceptability for produced products
  • Optimizes product design parameters
  • Establishes production efficiency (minimize product variability)
  • Establishes production capability standards/process capability
  • Establishes demand forecasting for production capacity
  • Establishes sampling guideline for Q/A


  • Aids Forecasting
  • Aids market econometric (i.e. demand) analyses
  • Analyzes hypothesis testing
  • Aids Marketing Research interpretation

Executive Officers:

  • Furnishes data for aggregate planning and decision making