American Art & Technology (AA&T) was founded in 1991. AA&T provides technical, marketing, management, and engineering services to develop and commercialize food products from concept into the market place, to enhance production efficiencies, and to continue throughout product maintenance and cost optimization.

AA&Tís mission is the commitment to provide our customers with innovative, efficient, and cost effective solutions to their problems. We assist our customers in the realization of their vision by responding quickly to their needs, providing services that yield value and quality, and delivering project success with personal integrity and confidentiality.

A unique capability of AA&T is its understanding of the Wellness market. With product flavor being as or more important than functionality, AA&T has the ability to mask the off flavors that frequently accompany nutraceutical ingredients utilized in functional foods.

Another of AA&T's unique capabilities is its application of a parameter tree that maps the production attributes of the entire manufacturing process. This propri≠etary technique details the production attributes, including HACCP and beyond, that determine the desired end product. Information about the overall process is placed in the hands of the project principles as well as the manufacturer for greater process control and immediate trouble shooting.

In addition AA&T has the capability to develop algorithms that simulate the transformation of raw ingredients into the final product. This technique helps mitigate problems arising from start-up production and during manufacturing and packaging.

With extensive experience and expertise, our food scientists are also culinary artists. They fully appreciate all aspects of food commercialization, whether applied to gourmet, mainstream, Wellness or functional food products. We bring an understanding of the overall aspects of product commercialization to each specific area of the project at hand.

AA&T has worked with both large and small companies and has gained insight into recognizing the opportunities as well as the needs of a company as it develops and grows. AA&T is committed to working within the customerís strategic plan to help them successfully realize their vision.

Please feel free to explore our web site or simply contact us for descriptions and benefits of many of the diversified services we offer you to reach your business goals.

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