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American Art and Technology (AA&T) provides services to the food industry for greater efficiency in the development and commercialization of retail, foodservice, and ingredient products. Our services deliver the means for our clients to:

  • Optimize Cost
  • Deliver Quality and Value
  • Generate Profit

AA&T's range of service encompasses the development of product concepts through commercialization, enhanced production efficiencies, and beyond into product maintenance and cost optimization. We also conduct research, establish laboratories, provide qualified co-manufacturing and packaging facilities, develop mathematical models, offer product marketing, and reorganize functional disciplines.

At AA&T we apply computational technology to food science and manufacturing to create synergies that allow us to efficiently and with precision develop great tasting products including Wellness and functional foods. During each individual project, we consider the effects of our work on all phases of the development and commercialization.

Explore our web site categories above or simply contact us regarding your specific needs and learn how our diversified services provide the support you need to reach your business goals.

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